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3 Practices and 3 Policies

Top-level researchers and program leaders agree that high-quality teaching and learning in pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds requires these instructional practices and policies.

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Practice 1:

Engage in positive interactions with children and their families, recognizing the strengths and diversity of their backgrounds.
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Practice 2:

Use learning trajectories in subject areas and domains, supported by effective curricula, to help children meet goals in learning and development.
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Practice 3:

Promote children’s social development and self-regulation in ways that reflect an understanding of the multiple biological and environmental factors that affect behavior.
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Policy 1:

Allocate increased, predictable, and sustainable funding to establish the conditions necessary for high-quality teaching and learning.

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Policy 2:

Provide educators with professional learning (pre-service and in-service) based at a minimum on the 3 Indispensable Practices and on in-service opportunities aligned with the definition of professional development in the Every Student Succeeds Act.
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Policy 3:

Use high-quality data to promote continuous quality improvement and better continuity from ages 0–3 to pre-K and pre-K to grades K–3.
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